"The Bigger We Get" Broadside


49 people were murdered at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando on June 12, 2016. My friend and former classmate, Robin Kimball wrote this poem in response to that shooting. Her words build in intensity, and become a rallying cry for strength, resilience, energy, and beauty. When the world is tough, great poetry reminds us that our spirits are strong and that we are here, in this life together.

Robin and I were classmates at Grinnell College, and we've lived our lives believing deeply in social justice and advocating for the most vulnerable among us. We are proud to present this collaboration and contribute $20 from the sale of each broadside to Southerners on New Ground.

I've hand painted an opaque black circle at the top of each broadside, unique to each piece. The circles are a Japanese practice called ensõ in which you paint a circle–a quick meditation–and the result is a unique, simple, spiritual, and imperfect visual representation of the moment in which it was created.
- Maggie

• Letterpress printed by hand in an edition of 49
• Printed on 110# Crane's Lettra 100% cotton stock
• The illustration is an original painting by Maggie Campbell in opaque black sumi-e ink - each broadside is slightly different because each circle is a unique painting.
• Each broadside is marked with the edition number along the bottom edge.
• The piece measures 11" wide x 14" high and is shipped flat.
• $20 from the sale of each print goes to Southerners on New Ground, a strong community organization of LGBTQ individuals, challenging oppression and working for the liberation of all people. Read more about SONG - they do important work!

• • •

J. Robin Kimball is a high school yoga teacher in New York City. Find her online at www.ironheartedyoga.com

• • •

We should have called it AUDACITY MONTH,
To prevent them from saying "what do you have to be proud about."
What we have, and thanks for asking, is courage, strength, resolve,
And a deep disinclination to let death drive us back.
We're not precisely "proud"
That a set of connections in our brains and hearts drives us to connect our hearts and lives to Certain Other Folks,
We are proud that we are audacious in the face of hate.
We are proud that our answer to ugliness is to make our lives as pretty as possible.
We are proud that we dance when they want us to pray.
And we scream when they want us to cry.
We are proud that the more we're wished away
The louder we get.
The louder we get.
The louder we get.
We are proud of our daring friends
Who send our wedding announcements out to their families
And have those conversations with us, for us, loving us.
We are proud of the churches we carve out of our own bones
When other churches turn us out.
We are proud that we become furious when they want us afraid,
And that we become art when we are furious.
We are proud that we reach for each other still.
We are proud that the smaller they ask us to be
The bigger we get.
The bigger we get.
The bigger we get.

Copyright J. Robin Kimball, 2016 / Please do not reprint without permission.

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