Oh! May a Crown Autograph Card


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"Oh! may a crown be wreathed for you
On that eternal shore
Where springtime never never dies
And blossoms fade no more."

For the everyday saint. This sentiment celebrates those among us who selflessly take care of what needs to be done. They nourish us when we're sick and comfort us when we're sad. They note the most important moments and always make the best of what they have.

Letterpress printed in chocolate brown ink, the text is my hand lettered mimicry of the scrawl of my great grandmother Edna Foster Campbell's loved ones, paired with an richly textured pattern of leaf green and cream vines, a drawing of my own of Creeping Snowberry.

Autograph Cards grew out of my love for my Great Grandmother's own autograph book from the 1890s, which my dad now has and keeps safe. The entire book was filled with messages of love and friendship from her friends and family; beautiful poems and phrases from more than a century ago, scratched out in elegant penmanship.

I've hand lettered messages from her book for each of these cards, mimicking the scrawl of my great grandmother Edna Foster Campbell's loved ones, and paired each with a botanical drawing of my own.

• Card measures 6.25" wide x 4.5" high when folded, and is blank inside
• Letterpress printed by hand in chocolate brown and leaf green inks
• Printed on thick, white 100% cotton stock
• Includes contrasting chartreuse envelope 

At Campbell Raw Press, it's important to us to give back a little with every sale we make. 5% of every sale of this card is contributed to Safe Horizon, a New York City based organization that assists victims of domestic violence and child abuse. 

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