Book of Days Pre-Orders


A perpetual calendar, our Book of Days is an homage to a small book my Great Aunt Iva kept throughout her 99 years. Aunt Iva's book was a place to faithfully record birthdays, anniversaries, deaths; life's brass tacks.

Use your Book of Days to note birthdays, anniversaries, joyful moments, and new adventures. Then, do it all over again next year. The book is not specific to any calendar year, so you can revisit your days and layer new milestones, year after year.

A Book of Days is also a perfect spot to record a little one's growth, from first smiles to first steps and words, to the first day of school. Or, it can even be used as a straightforward and elegant daily journal. It's flexible—how you use it is completely up to you.

• Covers are your choice - I have maps, silkscreened Japanese geometric and floral patterns, proofs from original cyanotypes I made a few years ago, and more. When you plae your pre-order, I'll contact you to find out your preference for cover material.
• One page per day, dated only by month and not year
• Months on each page in Italian, English, French & German
• Lined with faint gray dotted lines, spaced 1/4” apart
• These books are hardcover, bound with an oatmeal-colored linen/cotton blend, durable book cloth over the spine.
• Measures 5" wide x 6 3/4" high
• Simple matte gold satin ribbon placeholder is bound in to the book block
• Pages at the back for addresses and contact information, as well
• The books are wrapped and ready to give with a letterpress printed tag describing the book and how you might use it!

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