About Maggie & Matt

Maggie printing

I grew up with my mom's etching press in our living room and my dad's furniture shop in our garage. I love making things and found my own home in bookbinding and letterpress printing.

In 1994, I took a bookbinding workshop and was off and running. The power to transform stacks of raw materials into beautiful, usable, finished books was invigorating. I made prints with my mom and took printmaking classes at Grinnell College, and after a few years of day jobs and making books in the evenings, added letterpress to the equation in 2007. In 2008, I established Campbell Raw Press and have been at it full time ever since–starting out in our living room.

Today, my husband, Matt Raw, and I run Campbell Raw Press from our wonderful studio in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. I make wedding invitations, baby announcements, and poetry broadsides, as well as handbound journals, baby books, and photo albums. I also experiment with new materials and processes all the time, so you'll see paintings and cyanotypes sprinkled throughout. Whatever the process, everything I make is designed to be functional and timeless.

Matt is my righthand man for everything on our website, and he makes his own line of letterpress Code Cards in his (extremely rare) spare time.

We love the work we do. Please be in touch if there's anything we can do for you.