About Maggie & Matt

Maggie printing

After 10 years of bookbinding and letterpress as a full-time gig, we've closed up our studio and are moving on to new professional pursuits! Poetry broadsides and some cards will continue to be available as long as we have stock, and please be in touch if you have questions for us!

• • •

I grew up with my mom's etching press in our living room and my dad's furniture shop in our garage. I love making things and found my own home in bookbinding and letterpress printing.

In 1994, I took a bookbinding workshop and the rest is history. The power to transform stacks of raw materials into beautiful, usable, finished books satisfied every part of my hyper-organized self. I made prints with my mom and later took printmaking classes at Grinnell College. After a few years of day jobs and making books in the evenings, I added letterpress to the equation in 2007. In 2008, I established Campbell Raw Press and it was my full time endeavor until the summer of 2018.

Matt is my righthand man for everything on our website, and he makes his own line of letterpress Code Cards in his (extremely limited) spare time.

It's been a great ride. Please be in touch!