Tired (No. 1/25)


We spent an especially hot and sunny July day walking along the Brooklyn Heights promenade and then Brooklyn Bridge Park. There were so many people out, and no relief from the sun. When we rounded the corner to exit the park, we found shade in the buildings and stopped for a bit. This girl was up the block from us. She was exhausted and looked just like we all felt.

• Unframed piece measures 6.25" x 9"
• Letterpress printed in an edition of 25, and then hand watercolored, so each of the 25 finished images is actually different.
• This listing is for the specific image you see in the accompanying photographs.

These drawings are part of a series entitled "Everything is Somewhere". They are blind line contour drawings I made all over New York City in the summer of 2014. Each drawing was made into a plate, which I then letterpress printed, and each finished piece is hand watercolored, making each image in the edition of 25 unique.

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