Streetlights (No. 1/25)


New York City has some great details–and when you look, they're right there–streetlights, buildings, windows, walls, gates, doorways. These lamps on the Upper West Side were so ornate. I couldn't get enough of their lines and curls.

• Unframed piece measures 6.25" x 9"
• Letterpress printed in an edition of 25, and then hand watercolored, so each of the 25 finished images is actually different.
• This listing is for the specific image you see in the accompanying photographs.

These drawings are part of a series entitled "Everything is Somewhere". They are blind line contour drawings I made all over New York City in the summer of 2014. Each drawing was made into a plate, which I then letterpress printed, and each finished piece is hand watercolored, making each image in the edition of 25 unique.

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