Beach Day (No. 2/25)


One of the best things about where we live in Brooklyn is that you can get on the B/Q trains going one way and you're in Manhattan in 25 minutes. If you go the other direction, you're at the beach, in the same amount of time. We're right on the ocean, but it's easy to forget it's there when you don't see it every day. Every time you step off the train at the Brighton Beach station, there's salt in the air, and you see a horizon line over the ocean immediately. It's like one giant breath of fresh air, surrounded by Russian restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, and throngs of people. Once you walk up to the beach, things spread out, and the noise of the people gives way to the noise of the water.

• Unframed piece measures 6.25" x 9"
• Letterpress printed in an edition of 25, and then hand watercolored, so each of the 25 finished images is actually different.
• This listing is for the specific image you see in the accompanying photographs.

These drawings are part of a series entitled "Everything is Somewhere". They are blind line contour drawings I made all over New York City in the summer of 2014. Each drawing was made into a plate, which I then letterpress printed, and each finished piece is hand watercolored, making each image in the edition of 25 unique.

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