Tips by Susan Biegler


• Letterpress printed by hand in our studio in Brooklyn, New York on a Vandercook No. 4-T press
• Printed on pearl white 100% cotton Crane's Lettra stock
• The rust image along the lefthand side is unique to each print and was created by rusting nails directly onto the page.
• The text is set in Adobe Garamond Pro and printed in deep gray ink
• Edges are hand-torn, and the piece measures 10" wide x 14" high
• Printed in an edition of 50, each copy is signed by the poet and printer, and the edition is numbered from 1 to 50 in pencil along the bottom edge

• • •

Susan Biegler earned her Master of Fine Arts in Poetry from Columbia University.  Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including The New York Times, Newsday, Mudfish, The Wide Shore and Sarah Lawrence Review. Alice Quinn, Executive Director of The Poetry Society of America, says her poems “invoke moments of romantic and emotional surrender that are suspenseful and affecting”. Poet Sophie Cabot Black says “Part of Biegler’s signature is that her poems have a physical immediacy, both in detail and voice”. This rich, hand-crafted broadside perfectly complements the poem’s visceral quality, and elevates it to a higher plane.

• • •


Choose a comfortable grip.
When a wild animal charges, break right.
Knots depend on friction.
Women react favorably when you repeat their name.
Of course it will hurt.
Think what your father would do.
Don’t force it.
No liquor at the poker table.
Rust is cancer in cars.
Go with lilies.
Push-ups every morning.
Buy good scotch.
Bet on the little guy when the fight breaks out.
Never give a woman a knife for her birthday.
The clutch should last you 150,000 miles.
Listen for problems.
Ice helps.
Forget about the one that got away.
Handle it yourself.
Be ready when the call comes.
Next time, believe her.

Susan Biegler

Copyright 2015 Susan Biegler / Please do not reprint or distribute without written permission

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