2014 Cyanotype + Letterpress Calendars November 06 2013, 1 Comment

Last year's calendars were so popular that we've reprised the same style and are once again offering a cyanotype + letterpress calendar for 2014. This year's calendars are available exclusively in our shop and from Terrain.

Our 2014 calendar, all wrapped up!

One of the 70 printed and bound calendars

Exposing and drying cyanotypes

I made these cyanotypes this September, hand coating each large sheet of cotton stock with a UV sensitive cyanotype solution. I exposed each sheet for 2-5 minutes in the sun and then stopped the exposure in a water bath. After pressing and drying the sheets flat, I printed the hand lettered 2014 calendar over each cyanotype on our Vandercook 4-T letterpress. Then, I tore the edges of each calendar to leave a feathery deckled edge.

Wet cyanotypes drying / Processing cyanotypes / Finished cyanotype before letterpress printing

The 2014 calendar is handbound as a 4.25" x 11.25" accordion fold book with natural linen/cotton cloth covers that unfolds to 11.25" x 24". It is punched at the top for easy wall hanging. While maintaining the same general composition across all 70 calendars in the edition, each calendar is unique. Queen Anne's Lace along the left side frames in a hand lettered 2014 calendar letterpress printed on 100% cotton stock.

We are proud to once again donate a portion of the sale of each 2014 calendar to the Cure Alzheimer's Fund.