Instagram & Facebook photo albums October 29 2013, 0 Comments

About a year ago I realized all my best photos were on my phone, and most of them were in my Instagram account. The best photos of our daughter, Charlotte, detail shots of new work, and sunstreaked moments from beautiful morning runs were right there...but they were only on my phone. I couldn't hold them in my hands.

This year, I'm excited to launch a new square format accordion fold photo album. These new albums are designed specifically to hold square photos - perfect for your Instagram shots!

Available in an assortment of cover patterns, the albums are made in our classic 5" x 7" size for fourteen 4" x 6" prints, and in our new 5.5" square format that holds fourteen 4" square prints. Social Print Studio makes our favorite high quality Instagram & Facebook prints.

A few of the cover options for our new square Instagram albums!

Choose your album. Choose your photos. Fill it up. Show it off!

P.S. We also carry washi tape now, which is a beautiful way to mount your photos in your brand new album!