Post-Marked Album


A Thousand Little Voyages

"Even now; with a thousand little voyages notched in my belt, I still feel a memorial chill on casting off."

- E.B. White

A few weeks ago, there was a flurry of announcements that scientists had found the largest black holes in the universe yet. The beautiful thing about announcements of that magnitude is that they make us all quiet for a moment, as we are reminded of just how tiny we are.

I made this newest Post-Marked series to celebrate the vastness of the world around us and the universe beyond. These are wonderful albums and journals for travel notes and pictures, wedding and honeymoon photos, or as a gift to someone to celebrate a new endeavor. Whether we know these locations from our travels, or whether they are home, the stamps featured on these books celebrate adventure, discovery, and curiosity.

These simple accordion-fold photo albums and Coptic stitch journals are each made to hold thoughts and images and to celebrate your own sense of adventure for generations to come.


  • Pages in all books are acid-free, hand-trimmed printmaking papers suitable for ink and pencil alike.
  • Accordion albums are 5" wide x 7" high and hold fourteen 4x6 photos, can stand on their own, and include a set of photo corners for adding photos.
  • Journals are 5" wide x 7" high and are sewn with waxed linen thread by hand with an exposed, sturdy Coptic stitch binding, and are 40 pages each (80 pages, front & back), of heavy blank white paper equally good for pencil and ink.
  • Each book features original vintage postage stamps and is covered with a durable half linen/half cotton eco-friendly cloth, that was made using no solvents, PVC, or formaldehyde in the production process.

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